Marketing Console Users Guide


Use the Admin | Locations screens to define the physical locations (stores, kiosks, etc.) that are meaningful for your brand. With Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s location features, you can create targetted content based on a member’s location (such as specific offers for different stores) and track member visits with beacons.

Using The Places Screen

Use the Locations | Places screen to define Places, which are geographical locations which are a point of interest for your brand. Create places to keep track of any physical location, including stores, kiosks, restaurants, stadiums, etc. Specify the physical address, operating hours, and phone number of the location.

You can switch layouts between a list view–showing a list of existing Places–or a map view–showing the existing Places on a map.

After you define a Place, you can use the Place in Eligibility, such as the Offer Eligilibility, Challenge Eligbility, and Reward Eligibility screens.

Searching and Sorting

The Places screen includes a variety of facilities to make it easy for you to search, filter, sort, and export/import records.

Content Management

Use Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s Content Management capabilities to manage your Places:

For more information about Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s powerful Content Management capabilities, see Content Objects.


Use the Places | Zones subtab to manage subdivisions of a place for finer-grained targeting. Create one or more zones within a place to keep track of a more precise locations within a place. Zones are most effective when they are within reach of multiple Beacons that can identify positioning more precisely.

When defining Zones, you can optionally upload a Zone Map, which is a .jpg or .png image showing a top-down layout of the Place.

Using The Beacons Screen

Use the Locations | Beacons screen to manage your Beacon devices. Beacons are bluetooth devices that can be sensed by a mobile device. Each Beacon has the following attributes:

Typically, you set multiple Beacons at a location to share the same UUID, and use the major and minor values to distinguish Zones within the Location. For example, set the Major values of all the Beacons in a specific retail location to the same Major value, and then set the Minor values to identify a specific Zone within the retail location.

Using The Regions Screen

Use the Locations | Regions screen to facilitate targeting, segmentation, and analytics by grouping one or more Places together. You can use Regions wherever you can use a Place, such as in various Eligibility screens.