Marketing Console Users Guide

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Platform

Built on a modern, cloud-based big data architecture, the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Platform is the power behind all Cheetah Digital Loyalty Applications. Cheetah Digital Loyalty delivers a highly targeted, relevant engagement experience to consumers across all channels. Cheetah Digital leverages each consumer’s real-time, interaction profile to deliver a contextual, cognitive, and complete experience every time.

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Platform

Real-Time Consumer Interaction Profile

The heart of the Cheetah Digital Consumer Relationship Cloud is a real-time consumer interaction profile that combines digital and transactional data to create a true single view of the consumer. Cheetah Digital uniquely fuses transactional data with digital signals, such as web clicks, email opens, and physical location, to create a highly predictive data set of consumer behavior. Cheetah Digital’s unique big data Hadoop architecture enables the platform to consume millions of digital signal in real-time. This single view of the consumer creates an amazing data foundation for analytics and targeting.

Contextual Targeting

The trick is to ensure any content pushed to consumers is useful and relevant; otherwise, the communication is ignored at best, or annoying. Marketers can target all content in the Cheetah Digital Platform including offers, challenges, rewards, contests, products, and messages.

Unlike traditional targeting tools, Cheetah Digital’s targeting capabilities are not limited to a customer’s demographic profile. Cheetah Digital uses the full 360° consumer view including preferences, transaction history, and past multi-channel engagement responses, to dynamically personalize offers, challenges, and other content. In addition, Cheetah Digital Consumer Relationship Cloud recognizes that location is a key aspect of a consumer’s context. Cheetah Digital uses location as an important aspect of targeting: what may be relevant to a consumer in one location may be irrelevant in another.

Cognitive Engagement

Cheetah Digital Consumer Relationship Cloud enables brands to engage with their consumers in the moment – when it matters, across millions of customer interactions. Cheetah Digital captures every interaction, from social clicks, purchase activity to personalized offers, then it infers and predicts in milliseconds the most relevant content to deliver to the consumer.