Marketing Console Users Guide


Cheetah Digital Loyalty Offers let you present promotions, discounts, freebies, and advertisements to your members. You can create Offers targeted tofs specific member segments to maximize the effectiveness of each Offer.

Setting Up Offers

Program Settings

There are no Program Settings for Offers.

Using The Offers Screen

Use the Campaigns | Offers screen to manage your Offers.

Searching and Sorting

The Offers screen includes a variety of facilities to make it easy for you to search, filter, sort, and export/import records.

Content Management

Use Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s Content Management capabilities to manage your Offers:

For more information about Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s powerful Content Management capabilities, see Content Objects.

Offer Tracking

Use these attributes to track clicks and responses to Offers placed on external sites:

Offer Definition

Use the Offer | Definition screen to view additional information about the Offer. The Offer definition varies depending on the Offer action.

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Offers supports several actions that define what happens when a member responds to the Offer:


Create an Offer that is simply an informational item with no action associated. When a member clicks on these offers, he sees the associated Offer details but there is no action button.

Use these Offers to share information that does not have a website with more details. Use in conjunction with Categories as a general purpose mechanism to present various type of information, such as a list of hosts for a hospitality location.


Create an Offer with a click-to-action (CTA) button to launch the URL specified by the Target URL property.

Use these Offers to promote a content or a promotion that is hosted on a website, such as a promotion with a landing page, a website with updated program details, or a video hosted on video hosting site.


Create an Offer that presents a barcode to the member. A member can scan the barcode during checkout at a store to receive discounts and promotions. Specify the Barcode Standard property to set the barcode standard to display the Barcode Value value.


Create an Offer to present single use Offers, such as discounts, with a unique certificate for each member. Use Offer | Definition screen to manage the list of unique values to issue to members. Cheetah Digital Loyalty Offers issues an unused, unique Certificate value from the list of Certificates imported or created in the Definitions subtab. Cheetah Digital Loyalty Offers marks the certificate as Used so the Certificate is not re-issued to another member.

Each Offer Certificate has the following attributes:

You can manually create Offer Certificates, import new Offer Certificates from a .csv file, or use the “Generate” button to generate new Offer Certificates.

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Content

Create an Offer that wraps another Cheetah Digital Loyalty Content Object, such as a Challenge, Reward, or Product. Use these Offers to promote a Challenge or a Reward on mobile and web applications to feature a Content Object item. To highlight the item, consider using a different display than the target content’s display.

Specify the Target Type and Target to point the Offer to the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Content Object to display to members.

Offer Display

Use the Content Editor in the Display tab to specify what the cover of the Offer should look like to the member based on the channel and presentation mode.

For more information about Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s Content Editor, see Content Editor.

Offer Eligibility

Use segments and locations to specify which members can see and respond to an Offer.

Offer Advanced Settings

Use the Advanced tab to manage the advanced settings.

Managing Offer Certificates

Use the Campaigns | Offer Certificates to manage Certificates across all Offers.

Managing Offer Responses

Use the Offer | Responses screen to view responses for one Offer. Use the Campaigns | Offer Responses screen to view responses across all Offers.

Each response has a status:

Using Offer Dashboards

Use the Offer | Dashboard screen to analyze the responses for one Offer. You can analyze: