Marketing Console Users Guide

Content Overview

Cheetah Digital Loyalty empowers marketers to change Program Content, such as Challenges, Contests, and Rewards, then deploy these changes with zero coding. For example, you can prepare a new Offer uses a WYSIWYG content editor to change the Offer’s display, such as the text, image, layout, and fonts, as well as the Offer’s target segments and limits. As soon as you publish the Offer, the updated Offer definition appears on all mobile, web, and social apps without modifying any code.

Simple Configuration Workflow

Marketers follow the following high-level process to create, publish, and archive all Cheetah Digital Loyalty Program Content:

  1. Enter Displays. Use Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s WYSIWYG editor to create the display content for the Offer, Challenge, Reward, Game, etc.
  2. Define Settings. Enter content definitions, such as survey questions, probabilities for winning a sweepstakes, or fraud limits.
  3. Specify Targeting. Specify eligible segments and locations, as well as targeting sets.
  4. Publish Content. Publish the content to consumers. If desired, include a review process by other Marketers before publishing.
  5. Archive Content. Archive the content so it is no longer available to consumers.

Complete Metadata Management

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform includes enterprise features to enable Marketers to confidently make program content changes. Features include:

Fast Development Lifecycle

You can make changes to the Program and push them live to all or any subset of members in seconds. You can also schedule changes to automatically deploy based on specific date parameters. With Cheetah Digital Loyalty, you are never locked into lengthy development cycles.

Incremental Deployment

The Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform is adaptable and extensible. You can begin with a subset of Cheetah Digital Loyalty Content Objects (e.g. Rewards and Offers) and add more modules (e.g. Challenges, Locations, Email Communications) over time. Each of these pre-built modules have deep functionality controllable by the Marketing Console. Each module is accessible via easy-to-consume Cheetah Digital Loyalty APIs and Client SDKs so you can create compelling member-facing applications that utilize these modules.