Marketing Console Users Guide


Cheetah Digital Loyalty Campaigns let you create a series of Offers intended to achieve a particular business objective, such as signing up new members, increasing purchase frequency, and encouraging redemptions. Campaigns can target Offers to the most optimal member segments based on a member’s context, such as Placement. You can also rank Offers–either manually, by scoring rule, or automatically–to show the best Offer to each member.

Setting Up Campaigns

Creating a Campaign

The set-up screen includes a variety of fields to build the campaign.

Defining Campaign Objectives

Use the Campaign Objective screen to define the objective of the campaign and set up control group(s).

Objective Definition

The Objective Definition section includes a variety of facilities to verbalize the campaign aim, measure success, measure value and compare before and after a campaign has been set up.

Control Group

The Control Group section allows the campaign owner to set up a control group to determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

Building an Audience

Use the Campaigns | Audience screen to visualize and manage the audience. There are two tabs to toggle between the Simple and Advanced View.

Adding Offers

Use the Campaigns | Offers screen to manage the offers that are part of this campaign.

Creating Messages

Use the Campaigns | Messages screen to select the messages that target offers in the campaign. Messages could be in the form of either push notifications or emails. Create or edit the messages under Campaigns | Messages sub-tab.

Choosing Placements

Use the Campaigns | Placement screen to specify the offer and campaign placements within the various consumer-facing platforms. You are able to view how many offers and campaigns fall under that placement.

Viewing Campaign Dashboards

Use the Campaigns | Dashboards screen to view the results of the campaign.

Note: Results would only be computed if you have set the effectivity date of the campaign.

Using The Campaigns Screen

Use the Campaigns | Campaigns screen to manage your Campaigns.

Searching and Sorting

The Campaigns screen includes a variety of facilities to make it easy for you to search, filter, sort, and export/import records.

Content Management

Use Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s Content Management capabilities to manage your Campaigns:

For more information about Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s powerful Content Management capabilities, see Content Objects.

Campaign Attributes

Following is a list of the main attributes:

Campaign Types

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Campaigns supports various types:

Campaign Set

Use the Campaign | Set screen to view the set of Offers included in the Campaign.

Each Offer has the following attributes:

You can specify the relative rankings of Offers by clicking on the record handle and dragging Offers up-and-down the list.

Campaign Scoring Rules

Use the Campaign | Scoring Rules screen to specify how to calculate a score for each Offer. Cheetah Digital Loyalty Campaigns evaluates the score of each Offer for each member, and presents the best Offer to the member.

Campaign Eligibility

Use segments and locations to specify which members can use the Campaign.

Campaign Preview

Use the Campaign | Preview screen to preview the Offers for a specific member. Search for a member, then view the Offers for that member.