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Tier Rules

Create tiers to divide members into a hierarchy. Tier rules define the criteria for advancing from one tier to the next. Create tiers and tier rules on the Rules | Tier Rules screen. You can specify both basic and advanced tier rules. If more than one tier is applicable, the member is awarded the best tier they are eligible for.

Basic Tier Rules

Basic tier rules are represented as a table of thresholds. The tier table may have one or more columns. Each column may be of the following types:

When multiple columns are used, a tier is achieved only when each column is satisfied. That is, the columns are AND_ed. Note, that Metric Group allows _OR within AND.

The highest tier that is satisfied is the resultant tier.

NOTE: The order of tiers in the tier table is important and is from lower tier to higher tier.

Example of Basic Tier Table

Example of basic tier table


Effectivity for basic tier table may be specified and managed at the level of columns. For example, if a program wants to change the metric used or thresholds from next calendar year, it can add new column(s), make the new columns effective from next calendar year, and make the existing columns effective only till next calendar year.

Tier Validity

Tier once accomplished is valid till it is expired as per the Default Tier Expiration setting.

Advanced Tier Rules

In addition to the basic tier rule table, advanced tier rules enable:

  1. Promotional tier accomplishment on top of the base rules; e.g. if fly a particular segment in the month of November then fast track to Gold.
  2. Conditions to extend tier validity; e.g. keep your gold status for 3 more months if you fly once in December.
  3. Any complex tier rule that is not easily expressed in a thresholds table

The advanced tier rule has the following components:

Advanced Tier Rule Examples

Example 1 - Fasttrack Rule

If customer flies SFO-ORD segment thrice between 04/01/16 to 06/01/16, fasttrack to Gold.

	{flight -> flight.origin == 'SFO' && flight.dest == 'ORD'},
	'04/01/2016-05/31/2016') >= 3

Example 2 - Extend Tier Rule

Gold customers can extend Gold status till March by flying at least once in January

isMemberTier ('gold') &&
	'12/01/2016-12/31/2016') >= 1

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