Marketing Console Users Guide


Cheetah Digital Loyalty Members is the heart of the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform and is where you manage all your consumers – both known members and unknown visitors. Cheetah Digital Loyalty Members consists of a Member Profile storing a member’s attributes and preferences, Member Transactions with a summary of a member’s activity history, and a datastore of the member’s responses to various types of Cheetah Digital Loyalty Content, such as Offers, Challenges, Rewards, and Receipts. In summary, Cheetah Digital Loyalty Members provides a single view of each and every consumer in your loyalty program.

Setting Up Members

Member Program Settings

Use the Program | Program Settings to configure the following settings:

Member Types

The Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform supports two member types:

The Cheetah Digital Loyalty Member APIs provides specialized APIs to authenticate both member types to the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform.

Using The Members Screen

Use the Members | Members screen to manage all your consumers.

Keyboard Enablement

The Cheetah Digital Loyalty Members screen is keyboard-enabled. You can use keyboard shortcut keys to operate many of the functions on the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Members screen, such as:

Searching and Filtering

The Members screen includes a variety of facilities to make it easy for you to search, filter, and export/import records.

Member Attributes

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Members has a comprehensive list of pre-built Member Attributes.

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Member also includes several member attributes that you can currently use to uniquely identify a member:

Member Action Buttons

Use the action buttons to initiate work on behalf of a member. The most commonly used action buttons are:

The actions buttons provide shortcuts to the most commonly used actions buttons.

Member Summary

Use the Member | Summary screen to view a condensed summary for one member. This screen includes subsections for:

Member Transactions

Use the Member | Transactions screen to view the activity history for one member. You can:

Member Profile

Use the Member | Profile screen to view all the member attributes and member preferences for one member. The Profile screen is divided into sections, such as:

You can also click on the View All Attributes button to view all the member’s attributes in one dialog.

Other Member Screens

Use the other Member screens, such as Member | Offers, Member | Challenges, Member | Rewards, to view the Member’s responses to each of those Cheetah Digital Loyalty modules. For example, on the Member | Challenges screen, you can view a Member’s challenge responses, including the response date, challenge type, status, and metric awarded.

Using The Member Explorer

Use the Members | Member Explorer screen to analyze your member population.

For more information about Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s powerful Analytics capabilities, see Cheetah Digital Loyalty Analytics.

Using The Activity Explorer

Use the Members | Activity Explorer screen to analyze your member’s activities.

For more information about Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s powerful Analytics capabilities, see Cheetah Digital Loyalty Analytics.