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Content Object Display

TBD - Use Layout instead of Presentation Mode and Template instead of Layout

The Cheetah Digital Loyalty Content Management system is optimized for:

Conceptual diagram for content object display showing that a content object may have multiple languages and each language may have multiple presentation modes, and each presentation mode by default inherits from master content

The above diagram shows a conceptual view of a content object in the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Content Management system. As the diagram shows:

Presentation Mode

A content object, or more correctly a language for a content object, has one or more presentation modes. A presentation mode is what gets rendered in a client interface or is otherwise presented to a member. How many and which presentation modes are available for a content object is defined as part of the underlying content template.

A presentation mode has content elements such as Heading, Sub Heading, Body, Details etc. in addition to Image. These content elements are rendered as per the selected layout using the selected color palette. Available layouts for a presentation mode as well as available palettes are defined as part of the underlying content template.

The content elements are by default inherited from the Master Content. However, they may be changed for a presentation mode. Any element that is changed within a presentation mode breaks the link to the master content and does not reflect any subsequent changes to the master content.

Content elements can be personalized or otherwise made dynamic using content tokens.

Master Content

Master Content is a mechanism to specify content elements that apply across all presentation modes for a language of a content object. Master Content too has a template and a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor; however, it is not intended for presentation to member, by itself.


Cheetah Digital Loyalty Content Objects support multlingual content. Essentially, each language gets it own presentation modes and master content. A new language version when created starts with the content elements from the default langugae. The elements can then be edited for the language. In addition to changing content elements, different images, layouts, and palettes may also be selected for a language.

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