Marketing Console Users Guide


Use the Admin | Access screens to control access to the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Marketing Console and consumer-facing applications. These screens manageitems such as:

Using The Console Users Screen

Use the Access | Console Users screen to manage the users who have access to the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Marketing Console.

On this screen, you can:

Console User Profile

The Console User Profile includes the Console User’s name, email, public name, and public avatar image. You can also reset the Console User’s password by specifying new, matching values for the Console User’s password and password confirmation.

Console User Permissions

The Console User Permissions list all the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Marketing Console screens that a Console User has access to. This includes:

You can also use several buttons on the Console Users screen to facilitate the setting up of privileges for the current Console User:

Using The Devices Screen

Use the Access | Devices screen to manage the mobile devices known to the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform for the purpose of sending push notifications.

You can view the following attributes for each Device:

If desired, you can use this screen to delete an existing Device, which will prevent the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform from sending subsequent push notifications.

Searching and Sorting

The Devices screen includes a variety of facilities to make it easy for you to search abd sort records.

View Push Status

Click on the ‘View Push Status’ button to verify the configuration of the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform push notification services. A ‘Push Status’ dialog opens and verifies the connectivity to Amazon Web Services, including AWS access keys and Simple Notification Service (SNS) Application Resource Names (ARNs). If any of the items in the ‘Push Status’ dialog does not show a green check mark, then please contact your Cheetah Digital Loyalty Customer Success Team Member to resolve the configuration issue.

Using The Oauth Applications Screen

Use the Access | Oauth Applications screen to manage the access of mobile, web, and server applications to the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform. Oauth is a protocol that lets external apps–the *Client Applications**–request authorization to the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform. You can also use Oauth to monitor, manage, throttle, and revoke application access.

Each Oauth Application has the following attributes:

Using The Throttling Screen

Use the Access | Throttling screen to manage the throttling settings for Cheetah Digital Loyalty API endpoints. Throttling settings help prevent attackers from abusing or compromising the API endpoints by blocking access to the endpoint for a specified period of time.

For each Cheetah Digital Loyalty API endpoint, specify the following attributes to define the API endpoint’s throttling settings:

If the Cheetah Digital Loyalty API endpoint receives the number of consecutive failures in a row from the same source IP address, then the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform return the error message and prevents calls to the API endpoints for a specified number of lock time seconds.