Marketing Console Users Guide

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Console User Personas

This section describes the team members involved in a successful loyalty program. In many cases, a single team member may fulfill multiple personas. Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s Marketing Console is the single web-based application to control and manage every aspect of the brand’s loyalty and engagement program. Loyalty program managers, configuration specialist, content designers, marketing analysts, and customer support representatives use the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Marketing Console to interact with the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Cloud Platform.

Program Manager

Program Managers are responsible for the overall loyalty program, including defining the business goals, deciding the program mechanics, controlling the loyalty program schedule, as well as analyzing and measuring the results.

Configuration Specialist

Configuration Specialists use the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Marketing Console to configure the program per the business requirements. Configuration Specialists set up the Program Definitions (such as Member Metrics, Member Attributes, and Activity Types), Program Rules (such as Tier Rules, Earn Rules, and Trigger Rules), and Program Settings (such as Global Settings, Receipt Settings, and Member Profile Settings).

Content Designer

Content Designers create visually attractive content for display to members. Content Designers use visual editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop to create the content and upload them to the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Marketing Console for distribution to members.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analysts perform the day-to-day operations of the loyalty program. Marketing Analysts use the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Marketing Console to specify the content that each member receives, including what content to display, who should receive each content, when the content should show up, and how the content should reach members. Marketing Analysts use Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s Analytics and Segmentation modules to best target the content to member across all available communication channels.

Customer Support Representative

Customer Support Representatives respond to and resolve incoming support issues from members. CSRs, as they are commonly called, investigate issues on behalf of members, make necessary adjustments, and may even perform certain actions on behalf of a member, such as redeeming rewards or entering codes for a member. For some brands, the CSRs may work in a call center where they respond to incoming requests via email, telephony, social media, and other communication channels.

Our design goal is to empower you to run the program, from designing tier rules and member attributes to adding in content for news feeds, pushing out offers, challenges and rewards. The process is simple and effective, from incorporating artwork, previewing content, selecting audiences, setting limits and prizes, and pushing to production. Cheetah Digital Loyalty web, mobile, and social clients reflect the new changes – whether these are program rules changes, new offers, or new challenges – the moment the changes are deployed to production.