Marketing Console Users Guide

Gift Cards

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Gift Cards lets a brand provision gift cards to members. Members use gift cards to make purchases in-store and online. Cheetah Digital Loyalty Gift Cards securely stores gift card balances and history. Members can create a new gift card, add money to an existing gift card, deduct money from a gift card, check their gift card balance, link and unlink a gift card to their member account, and deactivate a gift card.

NOTE: Cheetah Digital Loyalty Gift Cards can be used by member and non-members.

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Gift Cards uses a secure server-based processing flow to use a payment method (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Apple Pay, etc.) to purchase a new gift card or to add money to an existing gift card. With its rich set of APIs, you can connect popular point-of-sale (POS) or ecommerce systems to Stellat Gift Cards so members and non-members can use the giftacards wherever they need to pay.

Setting Up Gift Cards

Gift Card Classes

Use the Product | Gift Card Classes screen to setup your Gift Card Classes. Each Cheetah Digital Loyalty Gift Card must belong to a Gift Card Class, which provides shared attributes for the Gift Cards:

On the Products | Gift Card Classes screen, you can also view all the Gift Cards and all the Gift Card Transaction for the Gift Card Class.

Gift Card Program Settings

Use the Program | Program Settings to configure the following settings:

Gift Card Payment Processor

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Gift Cards has an option to let members use a payment card to add value to a Gift Card. To enable this, you must setup a Gift Card Payment Processor, such as BrainTree, to collect payment information from the member and to process the payment with the payment processor. Please contact the Cheetah Digital Loyalty Customer Success Team to setup the Gift Card Payment Processor.

Using The Gift Cards Screen

Use the Products | Gift Cards screen to manage your Gift Cards.

Searching and Sorting

The Gift Cards screen includes a variety of facilities to make it easy for you to search, filter, sort, and export/import records.

Gift Card Attributes

Gift Card Types

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Gift Cards supports several types:

Managing Gift Card Transactions

Use the Gift Card | Transaction screen to view Transactions for one Gift Card. Use the Products | Gift Card Trasansctions screen to view Transactions across all Gift Cards. You can see various types of transactions, including:

You can use the buttons in the Transactions screen to manually perform the operations above on a Gift Card.