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Cheetah Digital Loyalty Codes lets members register product purchases by entering product codes. Using Codes is as an alternative to receiving a POS feed from vendors or other POS integrations. For example, using Codes is a tactic that CPG companies can use to learn about member purchases without collecting purchase information from third-party vendors. Each Code (e.g. a sticker on a shampoo bottle) has many Code Certificates (e.g. code certificate “BK1232”). Marketers can provide prizes, such as points, entries into sweepstakes, or rewards to incent members to enter Codes. Although codes require that consumers register the code and may have possibilities of fraud, using Codes can have the benefit of collecting additional member information, such as location, and opportunities to surprise-and-delight members.

Note: Cheetah Digital Loyalty Codes is also used by Cheetah Digital Loyalty Receipts for mapping UPC symbols on printed receipts to valid product codes (see Code Values below).

Setting Up Codes

Program Settings

There are no Program Settings for Codes.

Using The Codes Screen

Use the Products | Codes screen to manage your Codes.

Searching and Sorting

The Codes screen includes a variety of facilities to make it easy for you to search, filter, sort, and export/import records.

Content Management

Use Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s Content Management capabilities to manage your Codes:

For more information about Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s powerful Content Management capabilities, see Content Objects.

Code Attributes

Following is a list of the main attributes:

Code Definition

Use the Code | Definition screen to view the valid set of responses that members can submit.

Code Entries

Use Code Entries to manage the list of valid values that members can submit in return for a prize. Each Code can have zero or more Code Entries.

Each Code Entry has the following attributes:

You can manually create Code Entries, import new Code Entries from a .csv file, or use the “Generate” button to generate new Code Entries.

Code Values

Each Code can have zero or more Code Values. Cheetah Digital Loyalty Receipt Scanning uses Code Values to lookup receipt items against a list of valid Product Codes. Each Code Value has a vendor-specific string that identifies a product on the vendor’s receipt. For example, the same book has a unique UPC (e.g. 890055551234) printed on the back of the book, but each vendor may use a vendor-specific string to identify the book on their printed receipts (e.g. Walmart uses 890234, while Target uses BK-2128).

Each Code Value has the following attributes:

The combination of Vendor and Code Value must be unique within a Code.

Code Eligibility

Use segments and locations to specify which members can see and respond to a Code.

Code Advanced Settings

Use the Advanced tab to manage the advanced settings.

Managing Code Responses

Use the Code | Responses screen to view responses for one Code. Use the Products | Code Responses screen to view responses across all Codes.

Each response has a status:

Operations you can perform on a Code Response include:

Using Code Dashboards

Use the Code | Dashboard screen to analyze the responses for one Code. You can analyze:

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