Marketing Console Users Guide


Cheetah Digital Loyalty Rewards lets you create reward catalogs that members can redeem. Use Rewards to incentivize members to participate in Cheetah Digital Loyalty Offers, Challenges, Codes, and other Content Objects.

Setting Up Rewards

Reward Classes

Use Reward Classes to add custom Attributes to a Reward. By using Reward Classes, you can customize the Reward’s attributes that you show to members. Each Reward Class has these fields:

You can then define Attributes for the Reward Class. An attribute is a field (e.g. T-Shirt Size), with an enumerated set of Domain Values (e.g. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large). You can specify the default domain value for each Attribute. After you select the Reward Classes for a Reward, the Reward inherits all the Reward Class’s Attributes.

Program Settings

There are no Program Settings for Rewards.

Using The Rewards Screen

Use the Rewards | Rewards screen to manage your Rewards.

Searching and Sorting

The Rewards screen includes a variety of facilities to make it easy for you to search, filter, sort, and export/import records.

Content Management

Use Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s Content Management capabilities to manage your Rewards:

For more information about Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s powerful Content Management capabilities, see Content Objects.

Reward Attributes

Following is a list of the main attributes:

Reward Types

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Rewards supports several types:

Reward Definition

Use the Reward | Definition screen to view additional information about the Reward. The Reward definition varies depending on the Reward type.

Physical Product

First, select one or more Reward Classes for the Reward. Then, you can specify the valid Combinations for the Reward. Each combination is a valid set of Reward Class attributes that a member can select to create a valid Reward Redemption. You can specify a SKU and a Required Metric for each Combination.

For example, a T-Shirt may have the following Reward Class Attributes:

Then, you can enter up to six valid Combinations with their own unique SKUs and Required Metrics:

Shirt Color Shirt Size SKU Required Metric
Red Small R-S 100 points
Red Medium R-M 100 points
Red Large R-L 100 points
Blue Small B-S 200 points
Blue Medium B-M 200 points
Blue Large B-L 250 points

When a member redeems one of the combinations, Cheetah Digital Loyalty Rewards deducts the selected combination’s Required Metric from the member’s balance, and submits the selected combination’s SKU in the Reward Response.


Use Rewards Certificates to manage the list of valid values that members can submit in return for a prize. Each Code can have zero or more Reward Certificates.

Enter attributes to define the certificate:

Each Reward Certificate has the following attributes:

You can manually create Reward Certificates, import new Reward Certificates from a .csv file, or use the “Generate” button to generate new Reward Certificates.

Enter the information to map a Reward to a record. Cheetah Digital Loyalty Rewards uses the webBrick implementation. After you define and approve the coupon proof(s), provides these parameters that you copy into the Reward Definition screen:

In addition, you should set the URL for the server in this field:

Cheetah Digital Loyalty Rewards uses the five values above to generate a unique string. Whenever a member redeems the reward, Cheetah Digital Loyalty Rewards generates a unique dynamic link to, which will decrypt the link to validate the correct parameters and present the coupon to the member.


Use Contests to create Rewards that members submit contest entries for and a subset of members become winners. Specify the following attributes to define a contest:

You specify additional settings for each Prize:

Use the Pick All Winners for Me button when you are ready to pick the winners for the Contest. Note: you can only pick winners if members have submitted contest entries for the Reward.

Reward Display

Use the Content Editor in the Display tab to specify what the cover of the Reward should look like to the member based on the channel and presentation mode.

For more information about Cheetah Digital Loyalty’s Content Editor, see Content Editor.

Reward Eligibility

Use segments and locations to specify which members can see and respond to a Reward.

Reward Awards

Use Reward Awards to grant Rewards to a member. You can use Reward Awards to surprise-and-delight your members. The member can use a Reward Award to redeem a reward without exchanging the Reward’s Required Metric value. For example, if you have a Reward for an LCD TV that has a required metric of 10,000 points and you grant a Reward Award for the LCD TV to a member, then the member can use the Reward Award to redeem the LCD TV without exchanging the required 10,000 points.

Reward Advanced Settings

Use the Advanced tab to manage the advanced settings.

Managing Reward Certificates

Use the Rewards | Reward Certificates to manage Certificates across all Rewards.

Managing Reward Awards

Use the Rewards | Reward Awards to manage Awards across all Rewards.

Managing Reward Responses

Use the Reward | Responses screen to view responses (aka Redemptions) for one Reward. Use the Rewards | Redemptions screen to view responses across all Rewards.

Each response has a status:

Operations you can perform on a Reward Response include:

Use the Export button to download the redemption into a .csv file. You can change the status of redemptions from pending to completed, errored, or cancelled (note: the values are case-sensitive). Save the edits to the .csv file and use the Import button to update the redemption statuses from the .csv file.

Using Reward Dashboards

Use the Reward | Dashboard screen to analyze the responses for one Reward. You can analyze: