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Lookups provide powerful capability to write data driven rules. Instead of coding every condition explicitly, lookups allow looking up values from a look table based on one or more keys.

A lookup table has one or more key columns, and one or more value columns. An example lookup table, where ‘member_tier’ and ‘booking_code’ are keys and ‘bonus’ and ‘point_bonus’ are value:

member_tier booking_code bonus point_bonus
Silver E 0.10 0.05
Silver M 0.25 0.15
Gold E 0.20 0.20
Gold M 0.45 0.35
default   0.05 0.05

The example assumes ‘bonus’ is a discount rate and ‘point_bonus’ is additional points awarded to different members.

Instead of coding how to compute the bonus based on member_tier and booking_code in rules using expressions, it can be looked up from the above lookup table.

Note: Lookup tables are csv files, NOT XLS files.

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