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Loyalty Online Help

The Cheetah Loyalty Online Help provides a detailed guide and step-by-step instructions for how to use many features in the platform. The Help system includes a built-in table of contents and a search tool to assist with navigation.

API Technical Documentation

Cheetah Loyalty supports a wide range of API endpoints that can be used to import data, and to automate system functions. For details about our Loyalty API endpoints, please see the following.

Member API

You can use our API to access Cheetah Loyalty API endpoints, which allows you to connect to the services associated with your custom loyalty apps.

Program API

These API Resources will be used by brands and partners to directly integrate their existing systems with Cheetah Loyalty Servers.


Cheetah Digital enables brands to build more loyal and profitable relationships by enriching experiences and optimizing every interaction, from acquiring and engaging to transacting and rewarding consumers.


This portal is the central resource for all Cheetah Digital development. You will find here documentation and guides that will help developers build stunning loyalty applications built on top of the Cheetah Digital Loyalty infrastructure.

Cheetah Digital Loyalty provides tools to get developers build applications rapidly. We provide platform-specific SDKs that will seamlessly connect to our web services.

Introductory Discussions

Building apps on top of the SDK solves three basic use cases for building loyalty apps. They are the following:

Javascript SDK Resources

The intended audience of this document is developers with a good working knowledge of JavaScript. The purpose of this document is to guide developers in enhancing their brand website to display loyalty content such as challenges, offers, rewards and member profiles from Cheetah Loyalty.

Android SDK Resources

The Cheetah Digital Loyalty SDK for Android is a collection of libraries (“kits”) that provides Android developers an easy way to integrate their mobile apps with the Cheetah Digital products. Each feature of the Cheetah Digital product has an equivalent component kit in the SDK. The kits are built using the Android SDK and contains reusable components that can be easily added to an existing or completely new Android projects. These elements are created to provide easy add-on components, and also to provide a more customizable component for each module.

iOS SDK Resources

The Cheetah Loyalty Kit for iOS (referred as ‘Kit’ in this document) is a collection of libraries that enables developers to create application that integrates to the vast functionalities of the Cheetah Loyalty platform. It is built using native iOS Controls and frameworks. It provides reusable components that can be easily added on an existing iOS application or a new application. Each elements of the Kit corresponds to a module in the Cheetah Loyalty platform. These elements are created to provide easy add-on components and also to provide a more customizable component for each module.


Cheetah Loyalty Security Overview

Cheetah Loyalty EU GDPR White Paper (June 2019)

Configuration and Developer Guides

Cheetah Loyalty Campaigns - Configuration Guide

Cheetah Loyalty Messages - Configuration Guide

Cheetah Loyalty Email Templates - Developer Guide

Cheetah Loyalty POS API - Developer Guide

Cheetah Loyalty HTML Games - Developer Guide

Cheetah Loyalty Phoenix Query - Developer Guide