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The Cheetah Digital Loyalty SDK for Android is a collection of libraries (“kits”) that provides Android developers an easy way to integrate their mobile apps with the Cheetah Digital products. Each feature of the Cheetah Digital product has an equivalent component kit in the SDK. The kits are built using the Android SDK and contains reusable components that can be easily added to an existing or completely new Android projects. These elements are created to provide easy add-on components, and also to provide a more customizable component for each module.

The Cheetah Digital Loyalty SDK for Android is built to create flexible and compact applications compared to previous releases. It is created with these three use cases in mind:

Use Case 1: Using Ready-To-Use Views

Each kit in the collection has views or widgets that are ready to use. These views can be customized using app theming and styling. This use case is applicable for simple customization request such as but not limited to change in color or app theme and text styling.

Use Case 2: Changing Layouts

Using the ready-to-use views, layout can be changed provided that same components will be used. This use case is applicable for a more complex UI requirement. This is done by modifying the XML layout files of the ready-to-use views. In this use case, development will be limited to what is currently available. Options will only be to reposition widgets on the screen or to hide them. Use case 1 can still apply in this case.

Use Case 3: Full Customization

For highly customized requirement, (ie new fields to be added, multiple features in one screen), the kit provides a way to call the Cheetah Digital APIs that returns the responses in model classes. Developers can then base their user interfaces to the available models in the kits.

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