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The Cheetah Digital Loyalty Kits for Android (referred to as ‘Kits’ in this document) is a collection of libraries that aids developers in creating Android applications which are integrated to the vast functionalities of the Cheetah Digital Loyalty platform. Kits are built using the Android SDK and contains reusable components that can be easily added to an existing or completely new Android projects. Each Kit corresponds to a module in the Cheetah Digital Loyalty platform. These elements are created to provide easy add-on components, and also to provide a more customizable component for each module.

The Cheetah Digital Loyalty Kit is built to create flexible and compact applications compared to previous releases. It is created with these three use cases in mind:

Use Case 1: Using Built-In Views

Each kit in the collection has views that are ready to use. These views can be changed using themes and styles applied to the app. In this case, superficial changes like colors, text sizes, background color can be changed.

Use Case 2: Changing Layouts

This can be done by modifying the layout xml file or by extending the UI classes. This is more complex compared to the first use case, as developers can now modify positions of views with/without changing the logic.

Use Case 3: Full Customization

You can create your data-driven application by querying data via API and storing model classes via the core section of each kit.

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