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Using Sample Application

To be able to run the template application on your machine you must:

  1. Download the project from this URL : Template App:

  2. Extract the file.
  3. Navigate to the Cheetah Loyalty App Template folder.
  4. Run pod install in your terminal.
  5. Open the Cheetah Digital App Template.xcworkspace in XCode.
  6. Run the application.


Check the CheetahDigital-Info.plist file bundled with the XCode Project and edit the keys to satisfy the required properties, namely:

  • BUSINESS_UNIT - String indicating the business unit.
  • USER_AGENT_NAME - The user agent name to be used in the header of requests.
  • CLIENT_ID - The API KEY for the Loyalty API
  • CLIENT_SECRET - The API SECRET KEY for the Loyalty API
  • CLIENT_URL - The URL of the Loyalty API gateway
  • METRIC - The API metric
  • GEOFENCING_ENABLED - Boolean flag that indicates whether geofencing is enabled
  • ACCESS_TOKEN_EXTERNAL - Boolean flag that indicates whether the access token is from an external source
  • APP_LANGUAGE - String indicating the app language

To know where to find the values to be filled in to the configurations, go to the Cheetah Digital Admin Console, and go to Admin -> OAuth Applications and check the values for ios, as shown below:

Then open the encircled item to get the Client secret as shown below.

After putting in the new configurations, run again the application (via a device or the iPhone Simulator), and the app should be able to show the home screen again.

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